Friday Reads!!! 7/29/22

Happy Friday!

This is what I am currently reading. I am over half way through them and will review them when I am done.

As you can see I switched up my TBR a little. Library holds came in!

Biggest surprise so far? Recursion ! Oh my goodness – so good! I have enjoyed Blake Crouch’s books in the past and will definitely pick up his latest.

Enjoy Your Weekend and Happy Reading!


4 responses to “Friday Reads!!! 7/29/22”

  1. Have you read much Michael Crichton? I ask because I am always curious how people feel about comparing him and Crouch…

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    1. I don’t like comparing the two. Nothing compares to reading Andromeda Strain, Sphere, and Timeline for the first time. Those were touchpoints in my reading career. I wouldn’t because it’s not fair to Crouch. But the Wayward Pines first book was amazing in its twist IF you went into it blind. I would say he is similar though.

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      1. Oh, I FOUND the one person who likes the Andromeda Strain!
        I feel like I won the “bad” lottery, hahahaa 😀

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      2. I read it twenty years ago, but I do remember enjoying it. Timeline was my favorite by him though. Funny I thought THAT was the weird opinion, I usually get a look for that one. Timleline the movie was no where NEAR as good as the book and disappointed me terribly.

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