Book Review: The Summer of Broken Rules

Author: K.L. Walther

Rating: 3/5 stars

Book Blurb:

Meredith’s family’s annual game of assassin at Martha’s Vineyard during a summer wedding is the perfect chance to honor her sister’s legacy, and finally join the world again. But when she forms an alliance with a cute groomsman, she’s at risk of losing both the game … and her heart.

When Meredith Fox lost her sister, Claire, eighteen months ago, she shut everyone out. But this summer she’s determined to join the world again.

The annual family vacation to Martha’s Vineyard seems like the perfect place to reconnect. Her entire extended family is gathering for a big summer wedding, and although Meredith is dateless after being unexpectedly dumped, she’s excited to participate in the traditional Fox family game of assassin that will take place during the week of wedding festivities. Claire always loved the game, and Meredith is determined to honor her legacy.

But when Meredith forms an assassin alliance with a cute groomsman, she finds herself getting distracted. Meredith tries to focus on the game and win it for her sister, but she can’t help falling for him. And as the week progresses, she realizes she’s not only at risk of losing the game, but also her heart.

This was an ok read for me.

This book dealt with the subject of grief as Meredith’s sister passed away a year or so before this summer trip/wedding. The subject is handled well, though Meredith’s actions at times were frustrating in how she dealt with those that reached out to her. But that is grief isn’t it? Everyone handles it differently.

The romance was meh for me. It felt stilted and not a lot of chemistry.

Where this book nailed the landing was in how the author made Martha’s Vineyard come alive on the page. It was its own character and I looked forward to reading the book MORE for the scenery than the plot, which is rare for me. Definitely a great summer book in that sense, it made me want to visit.

So a half hearted Recommend! from me.


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