Friday Reads 8/19/22

It’s been a rough week of twists and turns.

My mother-in- law is in the hospital. She is stable, which is good. Yesterday we had down time waiting on doctors and tests. In similar situations in the past, I have found comfort reads to be a helpful distraction. Which is why I pulled out my copy of Evergreen. It’s a family saga with a nostalgic quality that I gave 5 stars to years ago. It’s definitely doing the trick.

There’s quite a bit of travel time between the hospital and home and work, which we have been filling with spiritual things like Bible reading and discussions to help us keep a calm mindset (Philippians 4:6). I also wanted an audiobook since some of the travel will be on my own. To continue with my Short Classics Project, I used Libby and borrowed The Bridge of San Luis Rey on audio. This book won the Pulitzer and received great reviews – but I have never heard of it before… The premise is intriguing. I will give it a shot. I like the cover!

I don’t know how much reading I will get done, but this is the plan when it comes to reading.

Enjoy your Friday and Happy Reading everyone!


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