Friday Reads 8/26/22

Happy Friday!

These are the books I will be working on over the weekend and into next week.

My mother- in- law is on the mend. She is doing much better, thank goodness. I only read one book this past week but it was a good one, and provided a nice escape. I put down a lot of what I had planned to read, which is fine. Some books don’t do well under stressful conditions, so I will pick them up another time.

I will have some posts coming up on my book projects, so stay tuned.

Happy reading and have a great weekend!


3 responses to “Friday Reads 8/26/22”

  1. Steinbeck eh? I think I read his red pony back in 7th grade. I tried his mice n men decades later.

    Really hated both 🙂

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    1. Of mice and Men is a one time read, I remember that book so vividly and the ending… To me it was just disturbing and sad. And you never need to read it again. I’m hoping the Pearl is not as disturbing.

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      1. For your sake, I hope it’s better too 😀

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