Nonfiction November Book Review: The Now Habit

Author: Neil Fiore, PhD

Rating: 3/5 stars

Book Blurb: Featuring a new introduction and a new section providing strategies to understand and deal with the role technology plays in procrastination today, THE NOW HABIT offers a comprehensive plan to help readers lower their stress and increase their time to enjoy guilt-free play. Dr. Fiore’s techniques will help any busy person start tasks sooner and accomplish them more quickly, without the anxiety brought on by the negative habits of procrastination and perfectionism.

To kick off Nonfiction November reading, I started with this book about overcoming procrastination. Overall it was good, I found a lot of the same principles from this book in the cognitive behavioral therapy books I have read. There is an emphasis on getting to the root of why you procrastinate, tapping into ways to make procrastination less rewarding for you by scheduling your guilt free play in a non-negotiable way. I liked some of what was said.

There are sections of Feeling Good by David Burns that explained things similarly. If pressed I would recommend Feeling Good, because it covers a lot of the points here as well as other issues such as self- esteem, anger, and approval addiction. But this wasn’t a bad read as a supplement.


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  1. I was going to make a joke about procrastinating but decided I’d do it later 😉

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