Book Review: ODIN

Author: David Archer and Black Banner

Rating: 2 stars

Book Blurb:

Nobody has ever heard of ODIN.

ODIN is about as secret as a government agency can get.

Because within ODIN there is General Operations, which speaks for itself; ODIN 5i, which deals with intelligence gathering, and then there is ODIN 1i which deals in operations so sensitive not even the CIA can touch them. All three are run with an iron first by The Chief, a giant with a gigantic IQ. His top agent is Alex Mason, hard and cool – he’s a law unto himself.

But when an ODIN 5i agent based at the US Embassy in Manila, goes missing, and his encrypted laptop disappears with him, the whole ODIN structure is put in peril. Then the agents he was managing start to disappear one by one, and things start to look ugly.

So Alex Mason is sent to Manila, and what he finds there is the growing shadow of Chinese imperialism threatening not only America’s presence in the Pacific, but the security of the whole Western World…

This is a job for ODIN 1i

And for Alex Mason.

Goodness no. This was not for me. Too much stereotyping of the Asian culture. Cringe – worthy. Too much chest thumping – I am a man’s man!!! Watch me be a man and do manly things. I could barely get through this. And it was boring at the beginning? Nope. I gave it one star because I could read it, and one star because I finished it. That’s it.

No I do not recommend, there has to be better thriller series out there.



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