******READING GOALS FOR 2023**********

Well here’s to a clean page, a fresh start and sitting mindfully and thinking about my reading goals for 2023!

Let’s get down to business:

READ 100 BOOKS IN 2023

That’s about two books a week, so it’s not a terribly hard goal to reach. I waste entirely too much time doom scrolling before bed so I am replacing that with reading. Any downtime I have at work I usually will spend with Google. Unless I have something pressing to look up, I put the Kindle app on my phone so I can utilize it more. I’ve already started doing all this and have seen the benefits. And yes, I have to set this as a goal. If I don’t set goals, it doesn’t happen. It’s just that simple for me.


As I just stated, no more doom scrolling. I’ve committed that once I get in bed, just start reading my Kindle.


I am addicted to buying books. I admit it. I also have Kindle Unlimited which I have borrowed against and read some pretty good books. So for at least January thru March I want utilize a book buying ban. This lends to other goals that I have, not book related. At the end of March, I will assess whether or not I want to keep Kindle Unlimited.


I find Booktube gives me a lot of FOMO. It’s the social media effect. This sends my reading tastes off in directions that really aren’t authentic for me. I also am spending a lot of time watching other people talk about reading and learning what they’re reading as opposed to actually reading the books I want to read. I’ve decided I’m going to spend less time on Booktube, limiting it to maybe 30-60 minutes on the weekend. I don’t find that reading blogs has the same affect on me, so I’m going to keep that up. I believe it’s because I only read blogs for a few minutes a day as opposed to the numerous half hour reading vlogs I watch on Booktube. That’s a half hour I could be reading a book on my TBR!


At the end of 2022, I started reading more classics and backlist titles and found it fulfilling. I also started such tomes as Anna Karenina and The Count of Monte Cristo. I began to read vintage women’s fiction and have really been enjoying that. So I’m going to incorporate these into my TBRs for 2023.

I think that’s it for now. Now the hard part- following through on the routines. It’ll be exciting to look back at the end of 2023 and see how I did with all this.

Happy reading!!!


5 responses to “******READING GOALS FOR 2023**********”

  1. I think just tweaking things makes a huge difference. It’s amazing what a few minutes a day yields at the end of a week or month! Happy 2023 reading! πŸ₯‚

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  2. Good luck with your reading goals. Stopping doom scrolling before bed and reading more of what I own are on my (unwritten) list, too.

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  3. Great goals!
    And reading instead of surfing the net at night should pay dividends on a monthly basis….

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  4. Great goals and brilliant suggestions for me to follow as well.

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