Currently Reading: 1/31/2023

So I had a lot going on in the past two weeks as far as family obligations which has affected my reading.

I did finish a re- read of Murder in Mayfair which I gave 3.5 stars. I won’t give it an in depth review because it’s a re-read. It was enjoyable. I recommend it.

To catch up on my reading goals, I am picking up things I am itching to read. I will get back to my tome read of When Christ and His Saints Slept in February.

One book I have chosen is Age of Ash by Daniel Abraham. I loved his Dagger and Coin fantasy series so I am looking forward to starting his latest series.

I decided on a novella by Fredrik Backman which I have heard will make me cry.

In the mix is also So That Happened by Katie Bailey , which is a lighter read. This is a closed door romance.

Happy Reading!

3 responses to “Currently Reading: 1/31/2023”

  1. The Backman novella is fabulous!

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    1. I just finished it, you were right!

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      1. I’m thrilled you enjoyed it! He has another novella, The Deal of a Lifetime.

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