Reading Update: 2/17/23

Currently Reading/About to Pick up

This was a so- so week of reading. There are so many things vying for my attention as of late. But I want to to get back on track. I was able to finish Sold on a Monday at least.

Some of my reading goals have fallen by the way side – and that’s not a bad thing. I am still holding to the reading before bed. That has proven beneficial.

I wanted to read more from my subscription services and I could not get into doing so… so rather than force myself – I decided to cancel them. This lead me to a declutter of the tv streaming services as well. So in the end, the goal lead me to make positive choices – so it’s a win.

Book buying ban? A book I was itching to read was on sale and I bought it. BUT I have been more mindful of my book purchases and I have spent less. I utilize Libby a bit but I do like owning the book on Kindle. So I have resolved to really uitlize the sample feature to decide what to read next.

Curiously, I have discovered the The Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction. It is a British Literary Award. I checked out some of the winners and found a couple that piqued my interest.

I will check out their samples and see if they are books I want to dive into.

And Officer and a Spy is about an event I know nothing about which is what I want in my historical fiction. It seems like the historical fiction thrown at us here in the States is about the same things over and over. Or maybe it’s just the books I am seeing.

Anyways, Happy Reading!



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  1. Hurray for less TV n more frugality 🙂

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