Reading Update: More Book Reviews and Reading Plans…

Happy Thursday!

So this past week I have continued on my Rom-Com/Romance kick and I have to say I am enjoying it. This is going to seem ironic when you see the reviews for the books I read. Let’s get down to it…

This book is about two journalists competing for a column, inappropriately pitted against each other by their boss.

The premise was a bit ridiculous from an HR standpoint. The things they had to do for “work…” But All Aboard!

This was a bummer. The premise seemed fun. I settled in expecting some witty banter and funny shenanigans. What I got was…not so much. My main problem is I could not relate to or empathize with the main character, she seemed extremely self absorbed. She was self destructive. She would drink a lot, like ALOT alot. She was constantly drinking to the point of excess and doing just crazy things. At one point she tried to get with this one while she was committed to that one. Um what? I couldn’t understand why the main love interest even liked her, she was that grating. I wanted to see an about face change and it really never came.

I gave it 2 stars.

Alrighty, so this one. This one is about a writer hired to do a profile on a famous movie star. Her resulting profile was soooo amazing and goes soooo viral it changes both of their lives. Everyone was asking if something happened between them during this multi-day interview…

I saw this book everywhere. EVERYWHERE. People raved about it. And then there’s me…

This book y’all. This book was better but I did not like it. And what bugs me is I should have! It had dual timelines and the story was told with blog and magazine excerpts. I usually eat that up. This time I was like…meh. I also didn’t feel the two main characters had any chemistry. NONE. This book was so hyped on Booktube and was even on the Booktok table at Barnes and Noble. I was left scratching my head, befuddled. It’s probably me.

I also gave it 2 stars.

What’s positive about these two books is that I was still able to make it through without DNFing them. I also didn’t feel like I completely wasted my time. I gave each book a chance and each had their moments.

This week I am reading three books by authors I have loved to see if they are one hit wonders. Do they become favorites? Do I rethink my taste in books?

Stay tuned and Happy Reading!


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  1. Hype is a real killjoy isn’t it?

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