Reading Reviews: Three Books By Fave Rom-Com Authors

So I put together a TBR of books by authors whose RomComs I have really enjoyed in the past. Did I love them? Were their loved books one-hit wonders for me?

Let’s dive right in…

The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

4.5 /5 stars

I had previously read Love on the Brain and really liked it. I enjoyed this one even more! IMHO as far as banter, Ali Hazelwood, is in a league of her own. I laughed out loud at this book. It was a solid read. Not a closed door romance by any means and there is quite the scene in this book for those who care. The story is still great if you intend to skim past it. She is an auto buy for me. I think all I have left to read is her novella collection before her new release later this year. 4.5 stars!

Beach Read by Emily Henry

3/5 stars

Book Lovers is one of my favorite books. This book? Not so much… I like my romance books sans religious cults. Every time that part of the story came up I thought “Seriously?!” This book was heavy, too heavy for what I was in the mood for. Emily Henry gives great banter and that was the case here, but I was not eager to pick this book back up after setting it down. It was kinda depressing. BUT if you want a rom com with depth, this will work. I gave it 3 stars.

Second Chance Romance by Sally Thorne

2/5 Stars

Sally Thorne wrote one of the best romances I’ve ever read. The Hating Game was amazing, is amazing. What happened? This book was quirky and odd. I guess this was supposed to be cozy. It wasn’t. This book felt dialed in. Not engaging. There was not a lot of character development. It had some great lines and her turn of phrase and style are so darn good at times that it hurts that I didn’t like this book more. I like her style so much I will continue to pick up her books in hopes that magic happens again.

Though they weren’t all amazing reads, I did enjoy my readings of these three.

Hope you have a great weekend and Happy Reading!


2 responses to “Reading Reviews: Three Books By Fave Rom-Com Authors”

  1. Romcoms are hit or miss for me…,even by a known author!

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    1. I agree! I wish I could nail it down because I do enjoy them.

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